Project list


British Museum World Conservation and Exhibition Centre, London, 2013 ongoing

Supporting the WCEC delivery team on change management and the implementation of new ways of working.

Zavidovo Academic Quarter, Zavidovo, Russia

Working with AECOM on the development of the strategic brief for the proposed new schools and university at Zavidovo, Russia. 2013 ongoing.

Dublin City Library, Dublin. 2012 ongoing

Strategic brief for the proposed new 8,000 sqm City library and wider Cultural Quarter comprising refurbishment of existing buildings and new build facilities at Parnell Square, Dublin.

University of Warwick. 2012 ongoing

Strategic brief and concept design for the External Relations Group of 80 staff as pilot project for introducing new ways of working for senior university administrative staff including desk sharing and flexible working.

Aga Khan University Senior Leadership space, Nairobi, 2012

Development of strategic brief and concept design for new Senior Leadership space for the university in east Africa. Creation of academic open plan workplace including the acquisition of artworks for the new university collection.

Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design, London 2012

Worked with Fielden Clegg Bradley on the development of the Schedule of Accommodation and learning setting descriptions for the College supporting a range of fashion and interiors related courses.

Aga Khan University Global Workplace Guidelines, 2012 ongoing
Development of global workplace guidelines for academic and administrative staff and examples work settings that will be used to inform the development of all future university projects.

Aga Khan Foundation, Development of strategic brief for the IIS/ISMC/AKF Academic Building at Kings Cross, London. 2012 ongoing

Development of overall strategic brief for the R1 Academic Building based on detailed user engagement with all stakeholders. Development of detailed design brief and FFE brief for the Research library and Special Collections area.

Faculty of Health Sciences, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan and Nairobi. Kenya. 2011 ongoing

Review of future space requirements for the Stadium Road medical school campus and development of concept designs for learning studios and e- learning classrooms. Development of strategic brief for the Ambulatory Care Building on the current hospital site that will incorporate the first phase of the Faculty of Health Sciences campus.

Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland 2011 – 2012

Working with the Office of the President and four university working parties to develop university visions for future learning and teaching spaces, library and information spaces, student centre and specialist teaching spaces.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver. 2010 – 2011

Working with Shape Architects and Fielden Clegg Bradley on the development of space concepts for the creation of the new Arts Quad at the university. the Office of the President and four university working parties to develop university visions for future learning and teaching spaces, library and information spaces, student centre and specialist teaching spaces.


While at DEGW.

University of the West of England Library review 2010

Working with library leadership team to develop a vision for the future university library, develop a set of detailed space requirements and create a series of options for library redevelopment to create a new heart to the UWE campus.


Dublin City Library strategic brief, Dublin 2009 – 2010

Working with the Dublin City Council to develop a strategic brief for the new Dublin City Library and testing a potential historic building in central Dublin against the library space requirements.


Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin. 2009 – 2011

Development of accommodation schedule and briefing and space guidelines for the planned 140,000 sqm new campus in Grangegorman, Dublin including exploration of future learning, research and work spaces .


Aga Khan Development Network , 2009 – 2011

Development of a strategic brief and schedule of accommodation for the new Faculty of Art and Science campus in Arusha, Tanzania including the creation of an integrated school and community facilities. Strategic brief for new Institute for Educational Development campus in Dar es Salaam, space programme review for new facilities for the Faculty of Health Sciences in Karachi and Nairobi. Review of the space programmes for the three University of Central Asia campuses currently under development.


Otago University masterplan, Dunedin, New Zealand 2009 – 2010

Learning space consultant on the DEGW led integrated masterplanning project for the University of Otago’s three New Zealand campuses.


Sheffield Hallam University, Masterplan and estates strategy, 2008 – 2010

Development of space requirements model for 25 years, site capacity study for the two SHU campuses, masterplan for development over 25 years to meet the requirement for additional and more effective space. Building massing options, public realm, environmental strategies.


University of Bristol, Bristol, UK.. 2009.

Review of space use for the Faculties of Arts, and the Faculty of Social Science & Law. Recommendations made include strategies for increasing the utilisation of teaching spaces, for changing use patterns of the academic workplace to improve occupancy ratios, and for improving the way-finding and brand expression of the Faculties’ spaces.


BOX, London School of Economics, 2004 – 2008.

Director responsible for the concept design and implementation of BOX, an innovation space that is being used both LSE academics as a research space and commercial organisations for client engagement workshops. Also responsible for the BOX Arts and Science programme, commissioning works from arts based around complexity science and innovation.


National Skills Academy for the Creative & CulturalSkills, London, 2007 – 2009.

Development of the strategic brief for the Skills Academy to serve the live music and theatre arts industries. Working with the master planners, architects and specialist consultants on the initial feasibility studies and conceptual test models for this Academy in the South East of England.  Development of concept design for the new building (completed 2012).


Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, 2005.-2007.

Director responsible for an going series of projects at MMU including the development of the user brief for a new 25,000 sqm business school, an estates review of all seven campuses and the modeling of future space requirements for all Faculties.


London School of Economics, Estates Strategy development, 2000-2004

Developed strategic vision for the School on how the Estate will support the development of the ‘business’. Concept brief for major new development, re-stacking existing estate, developing concept for Management Centre that will move all the School’s senior management out into open club-type space.


Sustainable Accommodation for the New Economy. European Commission, Information Society and Technology research programme 2001-2003

Project Leader of a 5.5 million euro international research project in the 5th framework and leader of Space Environment model work package. Desk research, model generation and applied user research. The DEGW elements of this project were published as ‘The Distributed Workplace’.